HP ProLiant DL380 Generation 9 (Gen9)


The HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Server delivers the best performance and expandability in the HP 2P rack portfolio. Reliability, serviceability and near continuous availability, backed by a comprehensive warranty, make it ideal for any environment. Deploy the data center standard.


Front View - 8SFF Chassis with Optional Universal Media Bay shown

1. Quick removal access panel
2. Universal Media bay. 2 USB 2.0 and VGA standard (8SFF bay optional)
3. Optional Optical drive. Requires Universal Media bay
4. Optional 2 SFF HDD, blank shown. Requires Universal Media bay.
5. Drive Bay 2. Blank shown, 8SFF optional.
6. 8 SFF Drive Cage Bay
7. Power On/Standby button and system power LED button
8. Health LED
9. NIC status
10. UID button
11. USB 3.0
12. Serial label pull tag

Rear View

1. PCI Slots (Slots 1-3 top to bottom, riser shipped standard)
2. PCI Slots (Slots 4-6top to bottom, requires second riser card, and second processor)
3. Optional serial port
4. Optional rear 2 SFF HDD (supported in 24 SFF or 12 LFF front end)
5. HP Flexible Slot Power Supply bay 1 (800w shown)
6. Power supply Power LED
7. Power supply Power connection
8. HP Flexible Slot Power Supply bay 2 (800w shown)
9. Power supply Power LED
10. Power supply Power connection
11. VGA connector
12. Embedded 4 x 1GbE Network Adapter
13. Dedicated iLO connector
14. USB 3.0 connectors (2)
15. Unit ID LED
16. Optional FlexibleLOM ports (Shown: 4 x 1GbE)

Standard Features


Model CPU frequency Cores L3 Cache Power QPI DDR4 Hz
E5-2699v3 2.3GHz 18 45MB 145W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2698v3 2.3GHz 16 40MB 135W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2697v3 2.6GHz 14 35MB 145W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2695v3 2.3GHz 14 35MB 120W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2690v3 2.6GHz 12 30MB 135W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2687Wv3 3.1GHz 10 25MB 160W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2683v3 2.0GHz 14 35MB 120W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2680v3 2.5GHz 12 30MB 120W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2670v3 2.3GHz 12 30MB 120W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2667v3 3.2GHz 8 20MB 135W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2660v3 2.6GHz 10 25MB 105W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2650v3 2.3GHz 10 25MB 105W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2650Lv3 1.8GHz 12 30MB 65W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2643v3 3.4GHz 6 20MB 135W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2640v3 2.6GHz 8 20MB 90W 8.0GT/s 1866
E5-2637v3 3.5GHz 4 15MB 135W 9.6GT/s 2133
E5-2630v3 2.4GHz 8 20MB 85W 8.0GT/s 1866
E5-2630Lv3 1.8GHz 8 20MB 55W 8.0GT/s 1866
E5-2623v3 3.0GHz 4 10MB 105W 8.0GT/s 1866
E5-2620v3 2.4GHz 6 15MB 85W 8.0GT/s 1866
E5-2609v3 1.9GHz 6 15MB 85W 6.4GT/s 1600
E5-2603v3 1.6GHz 6 15MB 85W 6.4GT/s 1600
NOTE: All processors above 120W use a high efficiency Heatsink. Doublewide PCIe cards are only supported with this Heatsink. For processors with a standard Heatsink that require double wide cards we would need to leverage the Graphics Enablement kit (719082-B21).


Intel® C610 Series Chipset
Intel® E5-2600v3 Processor Family


Upgradeable to two processors (36 Cores)
NOTE: Processor upgrade available from Intel® Xeon® Processors E5-2600v3.
Up to 24 DIMM slots available for higher Memory capacity
FlexibleLOM connector for 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit networking options
HP Flexible Smart Array or Smart HBA Controllers
Embedded 10-Port SATA, B140i as standard
Optional 3 slot riser (x16, x16, x8), or 2 slot (x16, x8)
NOTE: To take advantage of the additional 3 PCI slot upgrade, the second processor must be installed.
Redundant Power Supply
Optical Drive supported via Universal Media Bay
NOTE: The Universal Media bay provides front VGA and 2xUSB 2.0, plus ability to add 2SFF and Optical.
NOTE: Universal Media bay only available with 8 or 8+8SFF chassis & can be populated in Bay1 only.
HP Legacy Mode (FIO only, 758959-B22)
NOTE: UEFI is the default mode for CTO and BTO skus. Can change default to legacy via CTO.

On System Management Processor

HP iLO (Firmware HP iLO4 2.0) 4GB NAND



HP SmartMemory
DDR4 Registered (RDIMM) or Load Reduced (LRDIMM)

DIMM Slots Available 24 (12 DIMM slots per processor, 4 channels per processor, 3 DIMMs per channel)
Maximum Capacity (LRDIMM) 768GB (24 x 32GB LRDIMM @2133MHz)
Maximum Capacity (RDIMM) 384GB (24 x 16GB RDIMM @2133MHz)

Network Controller

 HP Embedded 1Gb Ethernet 4-port 331i Adapter

Maximum Internal

Hot Plug SFF SAS 31.2TB 24+2 x 1.2TB (with optional rear SFF drive cage)
Hot Plug SFF SATA 26.0TB 24+2 x 1TB (with optional SFF drive cage)
Hot Plug LFF SAS  90.0TB 12+3 x 6TB (with optional rear LFF drive cage)
Hot Plug LFF SATA 90.0TB 12+3 x 6TB (with optional rear LFF drive cage)
Hot Plug SFF SAS SSD 31.2TB 24+2 x 1.6TB (with optional rear SFF drive cage)
Hot Plug LFF SATA SSD 24.0TB 12+3 x 1.6TB (with optional rear LFF drive cage)

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